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Get set, onions are go!

I love this time of year, it just seems like anything is possible in the garden.  Plants are popping up, flowers are bursting out and the birds are singing their little hearts out.  The builder also came round to put … Continue reading

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Pottering about.

It was a really lovely day today, warm and sunny, at the same time…and in March!  It will surely snow tomorrow. Lots of the seeds I have been planting have started to show – it has to be one of … Continue reading

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She wore her yellow sun bonnet…

It feels like spring sprung a bit this morning as the first daffodil in the garden braved popping its yellow head out of its green sheath.  Unfortunately the sun didn’t follow suit and pop its head out, instead, we had … Continue reading

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Early to bed!

My efforts on Friday rendered me exhausted, so an early night was had.  Getting up yesterday, the sun was shining, melting the frost that had developed overnight but the Radio 4 weather forecast warned of rain later in the day.  … Continue reading

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Digging in.

This morning the weather was glorious and sunny although there was still a chill in the air.  It had been a pretty hard frost last night and the frost lingered anywhere that the sun missed. So it seemed a good … Continue reading

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When the sun is shining, I can do anything…

After the gobstopper size snowflakes of yesterday, today was a complete turn around.  It was sunny!  And warm!  Well, if you stayed out of the shade and kept moving it was warm… but it was just about perfect for getting … Continue reading

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What happened to the sun!?

Yesterday, with its lovely weather, was a bit of a tease as today the snow fell again with a vengeance. This meant my pottering efforts were restricted to indoor work again today.  Luckily, when I was at the shops yesterday … Continue reading

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