Get set, onions are go!

I love this time of year, it just seems like anything is possible in the garden.  Plants are popping up, flowers are bursting out and the birds are singing their little hearts out.  The builder also came round to put in the back step and repair the back wall, so miracles do indeed happen.

Its nice having a back step in place, it lessens the chance of me breaking a leg by stepping out the door and forgetting how low the ground is.  It did slow gardening progress this weekend though.  To busy myself, I dug over a patch of border at the very back of the garden to dedicate to onions.  I had bought a packet of onion sets so thought it would be good to get them started.  I had been a bit of a clutz and left them in a cupboard in the house though, so when I brought them outside I saw that they had already started all on their very own…oops!  I carried on anyway, and popped the ones that still had a bit of guts to them, and a good root system on the go, as they might still have enough growth in them to rally round.  The others (poor wee souls) were exhausted with only the papery skin and a great big lean pair of leaves shooting out, so they were consigned to the compost bin.

I’m not sure how friendly our climate here is for onions, I know leeks do well, but in my memory I have no recollection of any of the gardens when I was young having onions.  I’ve maybe not given myself the best start to finding out by letting the sets shoot, but it will be interesting to see, and in the meantime, I’ll investigate a bit more and see if there are any onions suit this neck of the woods…if you have any ideas let me know!

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3 Responses to Get set, onions are go!

  1. I’m all agog, how did it go with the onions? I planted red onions in my parents’ garden a couple of years ago but my dad dug them up before they had grown properly.

    • Ruth says:

      Well, they did grow, though not very much, it took them quite a while to regain the bulk they had when they were sets, so then only managed a litte bit more growth after that – so in the end rather than use them for cooking I decided to pickle them which worked brilliantly! So this years plan is to try again to grow little onions for pickling (so I would place bets now on managing to create monster cooking onions…!) Lol, funny to read that your dad dug yours up, I have to run round my garden behind my dad trying to stop him digging everything up or cutting everything else down…!!

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