Pottering about.

It was a really lovely day today, warm and sunny, at the same time…and in March!  It will surely snow tomorrow.

Lots of the seeds I have been planting have started to show – it has to be one of the best bits about gardening, seeing the little push of a brand new plant appearing through the soil.  Most of the brassica seeds have sprouted and one very brave squash seed is showing in my seed tray, also lots of the flowers have come up too, I’m surprised at how quickly they have appeared!  The calendula and the asters are showing, and possible some marigolds are making an effort too.

Whilst the seeds have been working madly away, I managed to acheive very little today except pottering about.  I took some cuttings from the two hydrangea’s in the back garden and put those in some water, so hopefully they will root up.  I also potted on some sunflower seeds that were growing madly after an initially slow start, I’m not sure they are quite up to being left out overnight yet but hopefully they will be soon.  I also planted some basil seeds so that I can companion plant it with some of my tomatoes.

Apart from that I just enjoyed the weather…bliss!

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