She wore her yellow sun bonnet…

It feels like spring sprung a bit this morning as the first daffodil in the garden braved popping its yellow head out of its green sheath.  Unfortunately the sun didn’t follow suit and pop its head out, instead, we had a day of drizzle.

Luckily, whilst I was debating whether it was worth going out and pottering in the drizzle, the lovely postman arrived with a most peculiar parcel.  It turned out to be a present from one of my pals who obviously knows me well!  It was a window ledge propagator with six packets of seeds to sow for microgreens that they had got from Dobies of Devon.  With no detail left out, it included 5 of those solid discs of dehydrated compost.  Now whilst window ledge space is at a bit of a premium just now, I jigged all my pots and trays around to make some space and left the compost to soak in some tepid water in the bottom of the propagator tray.  About an hour later there was lots of fluffy compost just waiting for the seeds.  Of the packets that came with it, I decided to sow some broccoli (green); basil (dark opal); cress (curled) and alfalfa.  All of the seed packets say the microgreens are ready to harvest when the seedling is 4cm surely that can’t take too long!

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