Digging in.

This morning the weather was glorious and sunny although there was still a chill in the air.  It had been a pretty hard frost last night and the frost lingered anywhere that the sun missed.

So it seemed a good day to do some manual labour, to keep the chill off but to get outside and make the most of the day.  Thinking about this over breakfast, I decided that today was the day I would start to widen the front borders.

Now, this morning the front lawn had two borders about 1′ wide which opposed one another across the grass.  The other two borders were about 3″ wide and opposed one another across the grass.   After a fair amount of hard graft, one of the narrow borders is now 1′ wide and filled with new top soil and one of the exisitng wide borders has been completely turned over and weeded and topped up with top soil.

It was handy to be digging in to the depth of the roots of the turf, as quite a lot of dandelions have tried to colonise the front borders, so this was as good a way as any to get quite far down the root and pull as much as possible out.  I doubt that I have seen the last of them though.

I kept all the turf I cut out, as after all the renovation on the house, the back lawn is…well actually, it isn’t.  So now at least I have some healthy turf I can patch on the really, really bare bits.  To keep the turf healthy until I can get it laid, I arranged in on top of the mountain of top soil that is in the side border at the back.  Hopefully it should be okay for the next couple of days.

I must say I did work pretty hard and yet only just managed half the job before having to stop and make tea.

So fingers crossed that tomorrow is another good day, cause I still have the other half of the job to do…

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