When the sun is shining, I can do anything…

After the gobstopper size snowflakes of yesterday, today was a complete turn around.  It was sunny!  And warm!  Well, if you stayed out of the shade and kept moving it was warm… but it was just about perfect for getting out in the garden.

So today has been pretty industrious. I didn’t even start off in my garden, instead, I did some work in my sisters, potting on some fuchsia plug plants she had bought for her garden and then putting some bulbs in her borders.  I realise it is massively late to be planting spring bulbs but they had been bought by mail order in the autumn and arrived just about the same time as the temperature decided to fall to minus silly degrees and stay there.  Anyway, I’ve put them in today and they can take their chances, its better that than leaving them to shrivel to nothing.

After that I came back to my garden and planted up some potato bags with seed potatoes I’ve had chitting for a while.  I planted up four different bags with four different varieties: Kestrel; Maris Piper; Vales Emerald and Maris Peer.  The first two varieties came from one of the men from the gardening club who is quite into his potato growing and he tells me they grow brilliantly in our area, so that is promising.  The other two varieties came from Thompson & Morgan, the Vales Emerald were from Scotland and the Maris Peer from England, so it will be interesting to see how they all fair.  Anyway, since frost is still very possible, I decided it was best to plant them in bags as at least that way I can keep them in the outhouse when the temperature is too low.  Like tonight.  Ah well, at least they got an hour or so of heat this afternoon, it may be their last till May!

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