What happened to the sun!?

Yesterday, with its lovely weather, was a bit of a tease as today the snow fell again with a vengeance.

This meant my pottering efforts were restricted to indoor work again today.  Luckily, when I was at the shops yesterday afternoon, I picked up some bare root lily of the valley in Aldi.  When I read this months Gardeners World magazine, I noticed a wee bit that said lily of the valley could be quite tricky to establish if planted straight into the cold ground and that it was better to put them in a pot first and when they were stronger (and the ground was warmer) plant them into the spot you want.  Since the ground was undeniably going to be chilly today, putting them in pots seemed a good idea.  Add to that the parcel of bare root Red Gauntlet strawberries that recently arrived from ebay (with many thanks to slegierski2010) and I had a good bit of potting up to be getting on with.

I’m still working my way through the potting compost from my greengrocer, so used 6″ pots for the lily of the valley plants and put in 3 per pot as it should only be a temporary home.  Similarly, I’m planning on creating a strawberry bed in the garden later in the spring, so the pots should only be a temporary home for the strawberry plants too.  However, these were a bit further on, with a couple of leave of growth per plant, so I only planted them 2 per 6″ pot.

Now, it is just a case of waiting for it to get a bit warmer outside…at this rate, it could be a long wait…

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